Photo by  Kat Reynolds

Photo by Kat Reynolds

Thanks to our amigos over at Bing Surfboards, we will be raffling off 10 new longboards during MXLF 19! The tickets are $100 USD each and there are only 150 tickets, so ándale pues! Winners get to choose from any of the team riders model. Max length 9’6”. (Not included shipping, color & fin)

Proceeds go directly to funding Mexi Log Fest, which is about celebrating the incredible Mexican waves and classic riding, creating equal opportunity for athletes to compete multiple times and share the prize purse between males and females equally.  This is, in its truest form, a tournament designed from the perspective of a competitor.

Winners will be selected Thursday May 2nd, 8pm. Even if you are not at the event you can participate in the raffle!

Raffle tickets


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Mon-Thurs, April 29-May 2, 9AM with Blanca Oceguera (@estelarom) USD $10

Start your day by cultivating a connection of breath to movement that will warm the body and energize it for the day. This class will offer a balance of strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Added bonus, Blanca is also a Reiki master, which makes her adjustments that much more powerful. Come wearing clothes that you can move in, with a mat or towel and water in tow.



Wednesday May 1, 8PM with Kassia Meador (@kassiasurf
Early bird price: USD $20

Feeling burnt out, sun drenched, physically and emotionally taxed? Come for some healing sound therapy that will shrink your stress and worries. You will leave connected, relaxed and restored. This will be a symphony of healing through the use of gongs, crystal bowls and tuning forks turned to 11 for maximum buzz. Wear comfy clothes, and bring something to lay on and water.




Thursday May 2, 4PM with Allyson Germain (@ynergiazihua)

Early bird price: USD $20

This isn’t your mother’s cup of hot chocolate. In this ceremony, we will sit in meditation with the spirit of cacao, drinking in its medicinal and spiritual knowledge. A cacao ceremony allows you to connect to yourself and open your heart to get a deeper understanding of yourself, help release trumas or move into a more self-confident space. Whatever you path is, this ancient Mayan ceremony will help you move towards this goal.

Cacao naturally contains serotonin, tryptophan and dopamine, which assists the body with feelings of wellbeing, letting go of stress and anxiety, and overall energetically allows us to open our hearts to allow the body to tap into deeper states of emotional and spiritual intel. We suggest you wear comfortable clothes and bring water and a beach towel too.



Wednesday and Thursday, May 1 & 2, 12PM (@therasurf) FREE

Calling all volunteers! Share the stoke of surfing for children with special needs. In a world full of limitations, let’s help these individuals and their families access a new form of therapy and create a world of opportunity and possibility for them. We invite you to participate with us and help these kiddos catch a long left!