What Mexi Log Fest is all about..


Seven days of logging competition, yoga, sound baths, kids surf clinics, fresh delicious food, surf films, tropical live music and more. One hundred of the top competitive single-fin traditional longboarders gather from all corners of the world to surf the best left point break in Mexico, with the mission to leave a positive trace with the Saladita community.

This is a surf invitational, music festival, and chance to educate locals and visitors alike about La Saladita’s sustainable initiatives. This surf invitational stands apart from others because of the attendees it attracts. People who value the grace, style, and good nature of noseriding. Travelers who respect the land, ocean, and local people. Mindful and fun-loving individuals with an ear on the pulse of international surfing excellence.


APRIL 28 - MAY 05, 2019